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2021-04-14 23:43:17 UTC

Zette is hiring a Head of Partnerships!

🗞️ About Us

Zette is a venture-backed, early-stage media tech startup whose mission is to bring down the barriers to real news by increasing access to journalism for all, while empowering publishers and creators to continue producing high quality work. Founded by Yehong Zhu, ex-Forbes journalist and Twitter PM.

  • The problem: Fake news is free, but real news is not. In 2020, media outlets are forced to churn out clickbait headlines, surviving off razor-thin online ad margins—or to gate their content behind paywalls, effectively turning the internet into a walled garden.

  • The solution: Product innovation in the media technology industry has been anemic for a very long time. To access information, you have to subscribe to dozens of publishers at once—even if you don't regularly read most of them. Until now. Our product solves this problem by providing one paid account to access all the news you'd want to read.

  • Our mission is to democratize information by making high-quality online content accessible to everyone. We believe that better access starts with 1) bringing down paywalls for individual articles, 2) giving readers access to a wide variety of vetted journalistic sources, and 3) compensating publishers fairly in the process.

🚀 About the Role

We're a small team of technologists passionate about building a better experience for content consumption—and we’re looking for a Head of Partnerships.

  • You will strategize Zette's positioning and value propositions to publishers of all sizes. You will think critically about Zette's brand and product offerings to create assets, revenue opportunities, and pitches compelling to potential publisher partners.

  • You will work closely with our CEO, stakeholders, and other relevant team members to ideate and execute outreach strategy to key decision makers at publishing companies. You will lead Zette in establishing relationships with publishers

  • You will be the primary connection between Zette and publishers. Following initial outreach, you will manage the end-to-end processes with publishers. Your work will range from relationship building to negotiations and contract management to long-term partnership management.

  • Partnerships is at the heart of Zette's mission and offering — as the first ever Head of Partnerships, you will greatly contribute to the fabric and DNA of the company as we build together.

😎 About You

You're a convincing and personable communicator who has experience working with publishers in a sales, partnerships, or licensing capacity. You genuinely care about positively changing the media and news industry — so much so that existing roles in the industry just don't quite fit meet your dreams. As a part of the Zette team, you're as excited about the future of consumer media as we are.

  • You're passionate about the future of media and news, and furthermore you have a deep understanding of how the industry works — including its pitfalls. You're interested in accelerating Zette's mission and have ideas for how to bridge existing gaps in the industry.

  • You're naturally convincing and great at bringing people along your thought processes. Communication and writing are genuinely two of your strengths. As such, you're excited about enabling Zette's mission through closing deals with publishers.

  • You have at least 3 years of experience in business development at a top publisher, publishing or content licensing at a tech company, or a company that works directly with publishers; preferably you have a background in media or publishing. You'll be Zette's in-house expert on everything related to publisher relations.

  • You're motivated on your own accord and don't give up easily. Here at Zette we're building something new, something bold, and something bound to make the legacy publishers turn their heads. Our team is filled with go-getters who are ready to build with grit — we hope this sounds like you too.

  • You don't quite fit into the mold or hierarchy of existing opportunities within the industry. Instead, you are looking for impact, scale, and a chance to change the industry. Zette's the place for you!

  • You enjoy building relationships with people! Extroverted or introverted, you easily empathize with others and love building meaningful connections.

🤓 Responsibilities

You will be the go-to person for everything publisher-related!

  • Guiding Zette in making strategic partnership decisions and closing official partners

  • Experience working with publishers in a sales, partnerships, or licensing capacity

  • Working with various teams to integrate established partners into our product and marketing initiatives.

  • Scaling our partnerships team and culture as we grow.

💖 Benefits

We like to treat our employees well.

  • Meaningful early equity stake.

  • Competitive salary for startups at our stage.

  • Generous benefits (healthcare, vision, dental, 401k).

  • The opportunity to see a startup scale from pre-seed upwards.

  • The ability to shape the early team culture around values that matter to you.

  • Awesome coworkers and fun social events (i.e. company offsites, virtual game nights).

  • For anything else—just ask and we'll see what we can do 😉