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Warmly brings authenticity back into the sales process. With the push to scale revenue, sales teams have been driven into automation, spamming prospects with generic emails and churning through leads with call after call. Each drip campaign is sent to millions. Everyone's inboxes are inundated. But for most companies, it's business as usual. Now that 84% of all B2B sales are driven by warm intros from other customers, there must be a better way.

Warmly is a fundamentally different way to think about selling a product. The future we create belongs to companies that discover, nurture, and mobilize their customers to sell for them. Not just once, but everywhere they go, for the rest of their career. Everyone in business tracks the lifetime value of their accounts (LTV). Warmly, however, unlocks the lifetime value of champions (LTVC). Warmly starts by plugging into a company's CRM and product usage data to equip sales and customer success organizations with the tools to stay connected to their champions. When champions are in a position to evangelize a new product and drive more revenue for businesses, Warmly gives them the microphone. Word of mouth from personal connections infuses authenticity and transparency back into the buying process. Warmly enables companies to put customers at the heart of the way the company goes to market.

Warmly is a seed-stage company backed by well-known investors including NFX, Y-Combinator, and Sequoia.