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Director of Development and Engagement

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2021-09-02 02:23:37 UTC


Position Level: Director 

Hours: 30-40 per week depending on your preference. We offer full benefits (including health care) for everyone working 30 hours or more.

Pay: $100K/$48 per hour ($100K is the annual salary for 40 hours per week at the director level). 

Location: Remote.


The Adventure Project ( is a nonprofit “adding venture” capital to create jobs in developing countries. Our organization fills a critical role in alleviating poverty by leveraging the power of a grassroots movement toward smart, cost-effective solutions that empower those living in extreme poverty to become profitable entrepreneurs, so they can serve their own communities with improved health, decreased hunger, a healthier environment, and clean water. 

Our vision is to lift 1 million people out of poverty over the next ten years, impacting 500 million people. This position will be critical to leading and contributing to our long-term growth strategy.


At The Adventure Project, we believe that relationships are at the core of what we do. We see our supporters as a valuable part of our organization. The Director of Development and Engagement will be responsible for stewarding our current supporters and building new key relationships alongside our co-founder and CEO, Becky Straw. 

The successful candidate will be able to build and manage relationships with a variety of stakeholders, from our Executive Board to first-time supporters. In addition, this person will be successful in relaying the important work done regularly to our supporter base in a way that energizes, empowers, and excites those involved. This position reports to our co-founder and CEO, Becky Straw. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • WOMEN’S FUND: You will help lead our Women’s Fund, launching this fall. Working alongside Becky, you will help to build relationships, community, and a phenomenal portfolio of members. Success would be adding 20 new members within the first six months post-launch.

  • CASE LOAD: Connect personally with a caseload of 50 previous supporters, with a focus on retention and engagement. Our goal would be to grow your caseload to 100-150 over the next 12 months.

  • LEAD THE LEADS! You love talking and engaging with new people. We would love for you to take the lead on conversing and connecting with new prospective members online. On any given day 3-5 new people reach out via our website. You will build a great system to ensure we are bringing them into our community and converting them into active members of our organization.

  • LAUNCH A PLANNED GIVING PROGRAM: Create materials, systems, and a campaign to recruit supporters to join in planned giving. 

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Create a fundraising plan for 2022, including a giving strategy for each individual supporter level; create a budget and key milestones

  • CAMPAIGN EXECUTION: Plan and work with internal teams to execute special fundraising campaigns during key dates (Giving Tuesday, for example);

  • MONTHLY GIVING: Assist with our monthly giving strategy. Our monthly members account for 25% of our income. Our entire team is working to increase the number of members in our community. We currently have 400 active members. 

Here’s where we’re at:

We greatly value transparency and we value your time. Here’s exactly where we’re at in terms of growth:

  • We care about each supporter (whether they are a kid holding a lemonade stand fundraiser or the Dutch government). We have a 55% retention rate (average for nonprofits is 43%) and a churn rate of .5% for our monthly members. Yet, we are striving to do even better! We work hard to make sure people feel our gratitude, feel part of our community and see the results of their donations. 

  • We are ruthless about prioritizing, testing, and taking calculated risks. We don’t get excited about writing cold grant proposals or throwing expensive galas because they just don’t provide great returns for us. Instead, we would rather focus on what grows our movement. What does work for us is: digital marketing, interpersonal communication, and good old-fashioned thank you notes. 

  • While our digital team has been drastically growing our movement, Becky is currently the only one in the role of “fundraiser.” This is a great opportunity for someone who would love to jump in, jump on calls and see immediate results. You won’t be tasked with administrative items that needlessly pull you away from connecting with supporters. And if you need more administrative support, just ask!

  • Our team is lean, but we have a growth mindset. We track and measure as much as possible. One of the reasons we’ve been able to run so lean is because we hire smart people and invest in great tools to make our work efficient. You won’t be digging through excel spreadsheets, here. If you’re looking to pull some reports, chances are we have them. Even better, you should be able to pull them together with a few clicks.  


Key Skills, Abilities, and Experience:

  • Collaboration. You possess the ability to work effectively with others to reach common goals and objectives.

  • Relationship Building. You’re skilled at establishing and cultivating strong relationships across different levels of the organization, and externally with supporters.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit. You take initiative and actively seek to deepen current supporter relationships and to forge new ones.

  • You’re a great Communicator and Friend. You love listening to diverse perspectives, but you also know how to win others over with your communications skills. You’re kind, warm, and a good listener.

  • Strategic Thinking. You have the strategic prowess and social intelligence required to help build scalable models that leverage The Adventure Project’s brand, assets, relationships, and opportunities to meet aggressive growth targets. We are looking for someone who has extensive experience in planning, leading, and managing development projects, including coordinating with peers to achieve desired outcomes, and tracking and reporting on progress to the executive team. 

  • A good marketing eye. You are skilled in creating powerful, compelling written and oral communications for fundraising and have the ability to convey complex ideas through brief, simple materials.

  • Data-Driven. You have a keen understanding of the tools and software necessary to drive great CRM. You also follow the data. You love to try new ideas, but you also believe it’s important to track results and follow where the data leads you.

  • Ability to prioritize. We have 11,000 supporters (and growing!). But, you can look at the big picture and make a plan for how to prioritize your time.

  • Passion for ending extreme poverty through job creation. You have a keen understanding of international, sustainable development.

  • You believe in the future of The Adventure Project. The success of this role is critical to The Adventure Project’s growth.

  • Experienced: You should have a track record of securing gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations. This role requires a seasoned professional who has worked in development, sales, or a similar role before. 

We create good jobs around the world, so we believe you should have a good job, too. 

The Adventure Project is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, women, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. The position will be open until filled.

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 4 hours with New York, NY, USA
  • Must be a resident of United States