Machine Learning Engineer

  • Software Development
  • Full-time
  • US
  • Remote friendly

2020-12-23 22:47:27 UTC

Who We Are

Settle is a FinTech company on a mission to help small and medium businesses thrive by taking the worry out of cash flow management. We’re building software making it super easy for finance teams to track, pay, and reconcile invoices. We pair that with lending products to offer our customers the power and flexibility to choose who, when, and how to pay their customers. Both the software and financing present challenging ML problems related to data classification, predictive cash flow forecasting, risk-based underwriting, fraud prevention and detection, and more.

Our small but growing team (<20 today) was founded in San Francisco along with an engineering hub in Lviv, Ukraine. We’re building a fully distributed team and support you working from where you are. We're well funded with backing by Founder’s Fund, Max Levchin's SciFi Ventures, and others. We provide competitive benefits, compensation, and equity. We're looking for motivated engineers who are eager to build something from scratch to delight our customers!

What You’ll Do

  • Identify key areas for ML to make an impact on the business through collaboration with product and data analysis.
  • Build datasets and generate features using internal and 3rd party datasets.
  • Design, build, and train models for both offline analysis (e.g. data classification and cashflow forecasting) and online use (e.g. fraud prevention and transactional underwriting).
  • Build and maintain data pipelines to feed your models.
  • Collaborate with the product engineering team to productionalize data handling, training, model deployment, and model serving.
  • Monitor, analyze, debug, and fix performance and correctness issues.
  • Help grow the team by interviewing, onboarding, and mentoring new team members.

What We Look For

  • Math/Stats fundamentals plus real-world experience. 3+ years of industry experience preferred. Have built and deployed multiple models into production codebases. Comfort in understanding, choosing, and using various modeling techniques such as regression, decision trees, classification, neural networks, natural language processing, etc.
  • Coding skills. Proven ability to code in an OOP language (e.g. Ruby, Java, Python, etc). You can whip up a quick, hacky script but can also build hardened your code for production via error handling, testing, and monitoring. Willing and able to go beyond pure modeling and build out data collection, training, and serving pipelines in conjunction with our engineering team.
  • Adaptability. We’re a startup and project needs can change quickly. You’re someone that loves to jump into a new problem, learn what’s needed, and solve it.
  • Customer-centric and data-driven mentality. You care about the user, strive to understand their needs, and build to solve their problems. You pair that customer empathy with hard-nosed analytical skills using SQL, notebooks, and more to pull quantitative insights out of our datasets.
  • Leadership. With rapid growth, we need and expect everyone to be a leader. You have the humility and self-awareness to understand and navigate the unknown. You hold yourself and others to a high bar. You enjoy mentoring and growing others.

Remote restrictions

  • Must be a resident of Ukraine or United States