Scout 🎨 Head of Design

  • Design & User Experience
  • Full-time
  • San Francisco/LA, CA
  • Remote friendly

2020-10-01 05:37:39 UTC

Design at Scout

As the Head of Design, you will be the owner of our brand voice, web and mobile products, and everything else in between.

You'll be an early employee. Designing is just one part of your job. You'll also talk to users, make business decisions, and develop your own opinion on what needs to be prioritized. Then you'll move with urgency to make it happen. You'll have the support and leeway to make decisions for yourself that will affect the rest of the company.

As a workflow tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses, customer experience is extremely important to us. Any disruption in experience ripples to the customers that our customers serve.

What will you do?

  • Build a robust design direction and branding guideline.
  • Work with data and engineers to build conversion-based UX/UI's.
  • Design branding buidelines, marketing materials, desktop and mobile UX.
  • Sometimes you'll work on a broad, loosely defined concept that needs tons of exploration, and other times you'll be able to provide more concrete tactical flows.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has 2+ years of design experience at a software and product driven company.
  • Has experience with building UX that drives user conversions
  • Understands how to break down daunting software into easy to understand pieces
  • Cares deeply about the user experience, ease of use, and intuitiveness of our design.
  • Is detail-oriented and has vision for the future of our products
  • Wants to build and lead a design team as they grow with Scout
  • Can be a part of the creative process and understand how impacts in our UX affect KPI's

Remote Restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 3 hours with San Francisco, CA, USA