Partnerships Manager

  • Marketing
  • Full-time
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Remote friendly

2021-08-17 22:18:46 UTC

About Repeat

Repeat is the easiest way to reorder stuff online. We work with some of the coolest CPG brands out there, including Hydrant, Mid Day Squares and Youth to the People. Together, we’re helping them solve one of their biggest problems: Retention. 

While brands continue to invest in offering subscriptions, most consumers today don’t want to subscribe to their everyday goods, like toothpaste, toilet paper and tic tacs (those orange ones, though). That leaves about 90% of customers looking for a better way to buy again. 

That’s where we come in.

CPG brands use Repeat to give consumers faster reordering experiences and just-in-time notifications—so they never run out and repeat purchase rates keep climbing.

Some cool facts about Repeat’s impact on reordering:

  • When customers use Repeat carts, they often head to checkout in less than 15 seconds.

  • When brands use Repeat carts in their email replenishment flows, they increase conversion rates from those flows by 57%.

  • We’ve grown the total sales dollars generated by Repeat more than 300% in the last year.

But here’s the thing: Most of those reordering experiences to date have come via Repeat’s automated SMS reminder system; we’re looking to change that.

That’s where you—our first partnerships hire—comes in.

About The Role

Reporting to our VP of Growth and working closely with our Head of Customer Success, you’ll spend your day sharing stories of how brands—and their agencies—are using Repeat to improve reordering experiences for consumers.

To that end, you’ll be responsible for building a near-term and long-term pipeline of business for Repeat.

Starting with the long-term pipeline generation, we believe you’ll be successful in this role if you prioritize:

  • Briefing and educating agencies working with existing Repeat customers on the success their clients are having with our technology

  • Helping those agencies create additional Repeat use cases for their clients and providing them with the necessary metrics to prove their success

  • Networking within those agencies to bring Repeat to more of the agencies’ strong-fit customers

On the near-term pipeline generation front, we believe you’ll be successful if you build and scale an affiliate network of DTC and CPG influencers—from investors to consultants to brand founders to everyone in between.

What You’ll Learn

As an early hire, you’ll learn how to build something from the very beginning. Almost from scratch.

We believe partnerships will be a significant source of revenue for us, and, so, you’ll learn:

  • Consistent, accurate forecasting

  • Measuring network effects

  • Retention tactics being used by best-in-class DTC brands

About You

An ideal candidate is someone who has served in a customer-facing role at either an agency or SaaS company in the DTC space. Extra points for serving in a partnerships role previously, but certainly not required. Two to four years of experience would be great for this role.

If you don’t fit the “ideal,” that’s OK. Apply anyway, and let us know what has you fired up about the opportunity.