Relevance AI

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Lead DevOps Engineer

  • Devops & Sysadmin
  • Full-time
  • Sydney, AU

Relevance AI is a SaaS startup building a platform to help companies and developers leverage machine learning vectors to extract business value from qualitative data like text, images, audio or PDFs. This qualitative unstructured data represents up to 80% of the data businesses generate and store.Our product helps customers create, store, evaluate, search and analyse vector based data sets using AI.

Top companies like Spotify, TikTok, Google utilise vectors and qualitative data to create the most personalised and successful products. We make it easy to use vectors to build the most powerful applications such as NLP Search, Visual Recommendations and help decision makers get a 360 view of their data.

The DevOps team transforms and evolves our business through the deployment of best-in-class global networks, web-scale data centres and software infrastructure. As a DevOps Engineer in this team, you will guide on how to configure and deploy cloud infrastructure consisting of identity and access management, network architecture, application security, logging, monitoring and more.

This role is for someone who is decisive, moves incredibly fast and has a strong appetite for growth. You will provide expertise on how to best design cloud applications for optimal scaling including CDN design, load balancer setup, caching, compute optimisations, continuous integration and delivery pipelines and more.

You will set up infrastructure to enable automated deployments into a cloud provider with just a script so knowledge of tools like Terraform and Kubernetes are essential.

More about us

  • We're venture-backed and partnered with one of the biggest players in the space.

  • Working with major customers to drive impact.

  • And we're in the process of bringing on 20 other talented people like you to assist with our mission.

Your Responsibilities

  • Automate all aspects of our digital platforms, including cloud infrastructure, testing and code deployment.

  • Improve system reliability and quality by integrating monitoring, reporting and fault handling into application platforms. Identify¬†opportunities to improve efficiency by automating existing processes.

  • Maintain detailed technical knowledge of our systems and services. Assist in the development and maintenance of technical standards and support documentation.


  • 3+ years experience as a DevOps Engineer.

  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.

  • Experience with Azure/AWS, NoSQL databases, Elasticsearch.

  • Experience with Terraform.

  • You're an analytical thinker, able to interpret data and make calls based on your findings.

  • Strong problem solving skills.

  • Cross-functional, jack of all trades and pick up any tasks confidently.

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