Misfits 🎥 Production Assistant

  • Production
  • Full-time
  • London, GB

2020-10-05 18:01:46 UTC


A London based MMG client is seeking a production assistant to locally support the collective in its creative endeavors & internal operations. In this position you will be responsible for the preparation & coordination of production shoots, as well as often supporting the client with typical day-to-day administrative tasks. Preparation for content shoots may involve organising, transporting and setting up necessary gear for production.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in content production, have exceptional written and oral communication skills, excellent organisation skills, a creative mindset, and the ability to complete set tasks in a timely manner.

The ability to manage and effectively communicate tasks, goals, priorities and deadlines in a collaborative manner is essential, as well as experience in the post-production management of footage.

Job Responsibilities

  • Support the talent with internal day-to-day activities
  • Support the production process entirely from pre to post
  • Stay informed on emerging trends and identify opportunities for the talent

We're looking for someone who...

  • Holds previous experience of any capacity in the internet/media entertainment space
  • Has experience with typical production gear & software - premiere experience is a bonus!
  • Is extremely resourceful & an efficient problem solver
  • Is willing to work outside of typical 9-5 hours
  • Is well versed in the UK's internet culture - in particular YouTube & Twitch
  • Understands the importance of client confidentiality