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Our mission

Hyper is redefining how people interact on the internet by pioneering a new form of online experience: the exclusive online community.

What we're building

Now that people are comfortable interacting on the internet and online communities are beginning to realize the value they provide to their members, countless paid online communities are emerging. This phenomenon is occurring across every platform, from Discord and Slack to Telegram and Whatsapp. We build systems that help online communities launch and grow, and we're processing millions of dollars in revenue for our thousands of customers every month.

How we operate

We're fully remote right now, but we're hoping to bring the team together in California post-COVID. But even though we're remote, we spend pretty much all day talking to each other and to our customers via our Discord server, and we work together on everything.

What's important to us

We don't care if you've worked at Google. Actually, you're probably a much better fit if you haven't (if you have, still apply, we won't hold it against you). But we do care about a few things. Here's a list.

  1. Trust. We want to work with people who value trust above all else. We'll never scrutinize your code or tell you how a button should look, because we trust you to make those kinds of decisions on your own. As one of our first few engineers, you'll be spending a lot of time building entirely new products from the ground up, and our hope is that you're excited about taking that kind of ownership.

  2. Community. We're not just talking about our product here. One of the most amazing things about Hyper is that all of our customers are in a Discord server which is active 24/7. We're excited about working with individuals who love people, and who are excited about spending time building our incredible community of people building communities.

  3. Hilarity. One of the most unique aspects of working at Hyper is that we love to make people laugh. In fact, one of the primary contributors to our rapid growth has been the time we've spent adding easter eggs in our products that crack users up. Building funny software keeps us energized and reminds us that as long as our customers enjoy using the things we build, we're well on our way.

Why you should apply

Because you've read this far, so why not? It'll take you five minutes, and you might end up meeting your soul mate. On a serious note though, we're building amazing stuff. And we'd love for you to be a part of it.