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Chief Operating Officer

  • Business Operations & Finance
  • Full-time
  • New York, NY
  • Remote friendly

2020-09-25 16:46:52 UTC

CALA Overview

At CALA, our product provides influencers and brands the ability to thrive in the new DTC world. With one login our clients get access to every resource they need from ghost designers to manufacturers, to warehouses...even financing! We believe in the future there will be 10 times as many brands, but they will all be a 10th of the size of legacy brands we've grown up with. CALA enables these new brands to compete with the best by outsourcing traditionally core–functions instead of hiring hundreds of employees. It's an operationally complex business, but we're rewriting best-practices for an industry that's finally been forced to change.

Our purpose: Empowering Creators Everywhere

Our Values:

Take 100% Responsibility
We take full responsibility for the circumstances of our life, and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well–being. We commit to supporting others to take full responsibility of their lives.
We locate the cause and control of our lives in ourselves instead of external events. Instead of asking who is to blame? We ask: What can we learn? How can we grow from this?

Be the best
We strive to be the best by speaking candidly, eliminating gossip, practicing integrity and generating appreciation. As a company, we optimize for long-term success, so that we can sustainably grow and continuously improve and simplify.

Bring Incalculable Joy
We bring incalculable joy to everyone with whom we engage–our customers, our partners, and each other. We find joy in the success of others and we are committed to creating a life of play, improvisation, and laughter.

Chief Operating Officer Role

As Chief Operating Officer, you'll direct a large portion of the company to enable CALA's growth and ensure the efficient execution of our vision. As CALA grows it will be increasingly important to identify opportunities to drive efficiency across our organization and ensure that our services and teams can scale effectively to drive maximum value. This role will require a strategic and action-oriented leader with a deep knowledge of CALA's product and services as well as a keen understanding of CALA as an organization. At CALA, in addition to scaling processes like performance management and finance, you'll be focusing on GTM and revenue.


  • Ensure the efficient execution of the CALA vision
  • Leveraging data and metrics to assess overall business health and operational effectiveness
  • Working with team leaders to identify and deliver on order-of-magnitude improvements to operational efficiency and scalability
  • Lead performance management including OKR process, executive reviews, and cross-company accountability
  • Financial & strategic planning, business operations and accounting
  • Manage pricing, go-to-market strategy, marketing and sales
  • Oversee success of CALA's operations (manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics)
  • Manage relationship with CALA's credit partner
  • Oversee Brand management, the Brand partner network, as well as, customer success
  • Assist CEO in fundraising ventures, board management, and other such investor relations as necessary


  • Proven experience in financial, operations, or similar leadership role
  • Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and performance management
  • Deep experience in business operations, finance and accounting
  • Individual must live by and continuously reinforce CALA’s values
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities
  • Experience at high-growth early-stage startup that scaled from 20 to 200+
  • Practitioner of conscious leadership
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • NYC based in 2021 preferred

Remote restrictions

  • Workday must overlap by at least 5 hours with New York, NY, USA
  • Must be a resident of United States